Customs legislation and procedures is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs. At SSL and our subsidiary Burando

Customs Services , we excel when it comes to applying customs consultancy to the implementation of Duty Management Systems. So much so, that it forms an integral part of everything we do, including the relationship we develop with you.

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Our customs consultants have strong groundings in, and extensive connections with, the import and export communities. They have a deep knowledge of the legislative, administrative and operational demands on businesses moving goods internationally.

As we only employ industry experts, they can be an invaluable resource offering you assistance on a whole range of customs matters. From identifying and delivering specialist customs training, to attending meetings with authoritiesand negotiating on your behalf.

Our team can also assist and advise in preparing fully documented audit procedures, saving you time and effort during official customs audits and the initial approval process. Additionally, our consultants can analyse your current business systems and reduce your import duty costs and VAT liability.