About us

Our Values

SSL is a global provider of transportation and logistics services, our areas of expertise and focus are the global maritime and Oil&Gas industry as well as project management and consultancy for general cargo and commodities.

All staff members have the knowledge, experience and education to provide services according to the highest standards.  Using leading technology in combination with physical assets, including warehouses and water connected distribution yards, trucks and Cranebarges equipped with the latest environmentally friendly propulsion, ensures that SSL can commit on its promise as leading logistics provider. 

We use our network to help customers manage their goods efficiently throughout their supply chains. At the top of our value proposition is a dedicated customer service teams that is in constant contact with your company and people. Our people focus on finding new ways to help our customers succeed, while becoming continuously more efficient ourselves. 

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of our business. Nevertheless we never forget that our company has responsibilities to many other stakeholders as well: investors, employees, suppliers, local communities and the global society.

Through many years of experience, we have seen that a responsible and sustainable company policy contributes to the reputation, continuity and profitability of Ship Spares Logistics.  SSL  is fully aware of its activities and their potential impact on the environment and surroundings. 

We put “safety first at all times” for each other, our communities and our environment. We do things the right way, the first time. Our workplaces are collaborative and supportive. We take care of each other and we constantly seek to improve the safety of our operations, from trucks and docks to warehouses and Cranebarges.


The history of SSL starts in the Netherlands in 1972 with the founding of TCN Netherlands. Over the years through organic growth and mergers/acquisitions, SSL became the leading logistics company in the Port of Rotterdam. SSL has built its strength as a specialized logistics company through decades of experience and a highly structured customer approach. This makes it easy for us to understand our clients' needs.

In 2008 Burando Maritime Services (BMS) acquired a controlling stake in both SSL (Ship Spares Logistics) and Van Esch international and merged them under a new company, aimed to become an independent Dutch market leader in the maritime and general logistics. Ever since SSL is an independently operating part of the Rotterdam Burando group.

With hundreds of  skilled employees and various business units, the group focuses on high-quality port-related services and in recent years has won the Plastic Soup Terrine through its operating companies for its special commitment to the fight against plastic soup, and the FD Gazelle award as the fastest growing company in the province of Zuid-Holland.


SSL’s safety culture puts the well-being of our employees and our customers in the first place of all we do. One of our main objectives is to achieve zero job-related injuries and accidents. We use training and technology to continuously improve our safety ecosystem, and we have SSL safety professionals positioned across our operating regions. 

Our commitment to safe practices is evident in the strict compliance measures that guide our operations. As a result, we achieve “best in class” scores that are way below industry averages for accidents and QHSE incidents.

Our QHSE team is available to assist customers with programs that can reduce cargo damage, improve security and enhance worker safety. 

Our focus on safety initiatives and environmentally sound practices has earned our operations important certifications such as SCC, AEO and ISO 9001, latest certificates can be provided on request.






SSL is aware its activities contribute to the Greenhouse effect and as a result SSL continuously searches for new methods to reduce its emissions by implementing alternative energy sources and/or energy saving programs. All our Cranebarges use low-sulphur diesel and when loading/offloading along the quay the Cranebarges use shore-side electricity.  

SSL and its parental company Burando Maritime Services support the objectives of the Rotterdam Energy and Climate initiative. We are involved in developing new methods to reduce emissions, as well as finding alternative and improved energy sources. 

We operate our business in with the highest regard for the environment and the interests of our stakeholders. Sustainability is part of our blueprint for managing risk and reducing our carbon footprint. Our approach to sustainability – and, in fact, to all areas of the company – is one of continuous improvement based on innovation. 

We promote sustainability in our operations and corporate infrastructure for two reasons: first of all it is in our view the right thing to do and secondly it’s important to every stakeholder that we participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy.